The Army Nuclear Survivability Program; Nuclear Notes Number 2

Fort Bliss, TX: U.S. Army Nuclear Agency, 1974. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Wraps. Quarto, 13, [1] pages. Wraps. Footnotes. Illustrations. Charts. References. Staplebound and three-hole punched. This is part of a series of at least seven information papers on topics associated with nuclear weapons, principally designed for use by Tradoc School instructors and major command staff officers. The series of papers, "Nuclear Notes," prepared by the US Army Nuclear Agency was intended to clarify and explain various aspects of nuclear weapons phenomenology and usage. These papers are prepared in as non-technical fashion as the subject matter permits. They are oriented toward an audience assumed to be responsible for teaching or in some way evaluating the actions and techniques of employing nuclear weapons in a conflict situation. The material in this paper reflects the ideas and findings of the principal authors, CPT Martin L. Bowling and CPT Steven W. Adler and the US Army Nuclear Agency. IT also reflects the general philosophy and methodology used in Quadriparite Standardization Agreement (QSTAG) 244, Nuclear Survivability Criteria for Military Equipment, and its US Army implementing document. . Nuclear survivability is the ability of personnel, equipment, and systems to survive the effects of a nuclear detonation, including: blast, thermal radiation, initial nuclear radiation, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Effective nuclear survivability requires sustained attention throughout the entire life of a nuclear weapon. Also, where an adversary might employ nuclear weapons, U.S. general purpose forces may need to survive and operate through resulting environments and effects in order to meet operational goals. Their ability to do so
enhances deterrence by mitigating the advantages of nuclear use and enables DoD to fulfill its missions in the event that deterrence fails. This chapter provides a foundational understanding of elements contributing to nuclear survivability.
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Keywords: Nuclear Weapons, Civil Defense, Nuclear Survivability, Military Training, Military Doctrine, M-1 Nuclear Protector, Survivability Criteria, Nuclear Effects, Casualty Curve, Damage Curve, Weapon Effects

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