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CFO: The Magazine for Chief Financial Officers, Volume 14, Number 5, May 1998
Boston, MA: CFO Publishing Corp. 1998. 28 cm, 92, wraps, illus., mailing label removed from front cover, some wear and soiling to covers.
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Electronic Engineering, Volume XXIII, Numbers 275-286, January - December 1951
London: Electronic Engineering, 1951. Hardcover. 498 Pages. , illus., boards somewhat worn and soiled, some page soiling and discoloration. Bound volume containing 12 issues for 1951.
[Book #39748]
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Intellectual Property Issues in Software
Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 1991. 23 cm, 111, wraps.
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Journal of Space Law, Volume 13, Number 2, Fall 1985
University, MS: University of MS Law Center, 1985. 125, wraps, footnotes, index, covers somewhat worn and soiled, includes insert related to Challenger accident The journal is subtitled: A journal devoted to the legal problems arising out of man's activities in outer space.
[Book #40756]
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Sea Technology, Including Undersea Technology, Volume 26, Number 5, May 1985
Arlington, VA: Compass Publications, Inc. 1985. 29 cm, 70, wraps, illus., mailing label removed from front cover leaving abrasions, some wear and soiling to covers.
[Book #29831]
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Sea Technology, Including Undersea Technology, Volume 27, Number 5, May 1986
Arlington, VA: Compass Publications, Inc. 1986. 29 cm, 70, wraps, illus., mailing label removed from front cover leaving abrasions, some wear and soiling to covers.
[Book #29843]
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American Enterprise, the Law and the Commercial Use of Space, Volume II: Remote Sensing and Telecommunications. Robert J. Aamoth, Peter K., Pitsch, Evan R., Kwerel, Frederick B., Henderson, Paul F. Uhlir.
Washington, DC: National Legal Center, 1986. First Paperbk? Edition. First? Printing. 152, v.2 only of the 3-vol. set, wraps, illus., footnotes, covers somewhat worn/soiled, ink name and pencil erasure on title page.
[Book #40805]
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Space Flight: Satellites, Spaceships, Space Stations, and Space Travel Explained. Carsbie Adams.
New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1958. 373, illus., tables, bibliography, index, rear bd weak, tear inside hinge p. 373, soiling ins bds & flylves, bds scuffed & stained.
[Book #14268]
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A Composite of U.S. Government Directives Related to: Protection of Government Contractor Telecommunications. Allied Bendix Aerospace.
Baltimore, MD: Allied Bendix Aerospace, c. 1985. Quarto, 7, light-weight cardboard, references.
[Book #11315]
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Telecommunication Protection Systems Using the TSEC/KG-84A (General Purpose Encryption Equipment). Secure Telecommunications Division Allied Bendix Aerospace.
Baltimore, MD: Allied Bendix Aerospace, 1985. Revised Edition. 8-1/2" x 11", 4, light-weight cardboard, illus. in color.
[Book #11311]
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The Intelsat Global Satellite System. Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics, Volume 93. Joel Alper, Joseph N. Pelton.
New York: Am Institute of Aeronautics, c1984. First? Edition. First? Printing. 24 cm, 425, illus., references, index, pencil erasure on front endpaper, boards slightly worn and soiled.
[Book #34851]
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Computers, Inc.: Japan's Challenge to IBM. Marie Anchordoguy.
Cambridge, MA: Council on E Asian Studies, 1989. First? Edition. First? Printing. 273, bibliography, index, DJ slightly worn and soiled.
[Book #43018]
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The Cable Ship Long Lines and Worldwide Telecommunications. AT&T.
AT&T. Presumed First Edition, First printing thus. Wraps. 20 pages plus covers. Illustrations. Chronology. Printed in about 1976 (last date in the chronology). Scuff on front cover. Built for the Transoceanic Cable Ship Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T. Fitted with 3 cable tanks, two of 55 foot diameter and one 42 foot dia,eter, all being 32 ft high, giving a storage capacity of 156,119 cubic feet or 2168 nm of 1¼ inch cable. Three smaller tanks each with a capacity of 3,000 cubic feet for storing repair cable were fitted between the main tanks. The cable laying equipment consisted of a linear cable engine in the stern and two paying out-picking up machines forward with three 10 foot diameter bow sheaves and gantry for laying rigid repeaters. In 1997 Tyco International acquired AT&T Submarine Systems, which included CS Long Lines and CS Charles L. Brown.
[Book #76174]
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Space Communications. A. V. ed. Balakrishnan, E. Rechtin.
New York: McGraw-Hill, [1963]. Hardcover. 24 cm, 422 pages, illustrations. Name written in ink inside front board, DJ worn, torn in places, and missing small pieces. Space Communications can be defined as communications between a vehicle in outer space and Earth, using high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (radio waves). Provision for such communication is an essential requirement of any space mission. The total communication system ordinarily includes (1) command, the transmission of instructions to the spacecraft; (2) telemetry, the transmission of scientific and applications data from the spacecraft to Earth; and (3) tracking, the determination of the distance (range) from Earth to the spacecraft and its radial velocity (range-rate) toward or away from Earth by the measurement of the round-trip radio transmission time and Doppler frequency shift (magnitude and direction). A specialized but commercially important application, which is excluded from consideration here, is the communications satellite system in which the spacecraft serves solely as a relay station between remote points on Earth.
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Shifting Gears. Nuala Beck.
Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers, 1995. First American Edition. First Printing. 179, diagrams, some wear and soiling to boards, slightly cocked.
[Book #31741]
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Federal Computer Security: An Analysis of Congressional Initiatives and Executive Branch Responsibilities. Louise Becker, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Committee on Governmental Affairs, for U. S. Senate.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1983. wraps. 45 pages, wraps, footnotes, bibliography, yellow highlighting throughout, some creasing along edges. Louise Becker of the Congressional Research Service prepared this report which reviewed federal concerns and policy options concerning computer and information systems security.
[Book #16515]
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Engineering and Operations in the Bell System. Technical Publication Department Bell Laboratories.
Indianapolis, IN: Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1978. First Edition. Third Printing. 721, illus., maps, figures, tables (some fold-out), footnotes, references, glossary, index, boards weak, inside hinges torn.
[Book #27220]
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Three Degrees Above Zero: Bell Labs in the Information Age. Jeremy Bernstein.
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1984. First Printing. 241, illus., bibliography, index, some scuffing to boards.
[Book #12747]
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Is Free TV for Federal Candidates Constitutional? Lillian R. BeVier.
Washington, DC: The AEI Press, 1998. First printing [stated]. Wraps. 59 p. Footnotes.
[Book #58070]
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Satellite Information Systems. Edward Binkowski.
Boston, MA: G. K. Hall, 1988. Hardcover. 213 pages. Tables, appendices, notes, bibliography, index, DJ somewhat worn and scuffed: small tears, small pieces missing. SIGNED.
[Book #12745]
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At the Sound of the Beep--: The Complete Telephone Answering Machine Handbook. Gene Braunstein, Bob, Perlow, Sheryl Gross.
New York: Cornerstone Library, c1983. First Printing. 21 cm, 64, wraps, illus., glossary, some wear and soiling to covers.
[Book #37694]
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Physics@MIT; 2001 Annual, Number 14: An Annual Publication for members and friends of the MIT Physics community. Carol Breen.
Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Physics, 2001. Presumed First Edition, First printing thus. Wraps. 95, [1] pages. Illustrations (some in color). Cover has some wear and soiling. Mailing label on rear cover. The MIT Physics Department is one of the best places in the world for research and education in physics, ranked the number one physics department since 2002 by US News & World Report. In recent years, the Department has produced the largest numbers of undergraduate and doctoral degrees in physics of any university in the US. Research is organized into four primary research areas, pushing back the frontiers of human understanding of space and time and of matter and energy in all its forms, from the subatomic to the cosmological and from the elementary to the complex. Four Nobel Prizes awarded to faculty since 1990, and four alumni have won Nobel Prizes since 1998. The Department of Physics investigates the nature of universe in its most extreme conditions in order to discover new and exciting phenomena. MIT Physics researchers study the largest things in the universe. They study the smallest things in the universe: elementary particles or even the strings that may be the substructure of these particles. They study the hottest things in the universe. They study the coldest things in the universe. They study the most complicated things too: unusual materials like high temperature superconductors and those that are important in biology. By pushing the limits, MIT physicists have the chance to observe new general principles and to test theories of the structure and behavior of matter and energy.
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Telephone: The First Hundred Years. John Brooks.
Place_Pub: New York: Harper & Row, 1976. Book Club Edition. 369, illus., notes, index, DJ somewhat soiled, rear DJ scuffed, small tears to DJ edges.
[Book #12166]
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The Social Life of Information. John Seely Brown, Paul Duguid.
Cambridge, MA: Harvard Business School, 2000. First Printing. 320, notes, bibliography, index.
[Book #21702]
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Race for the World: Strategies to Build a Great Global Firm. Lowell Bryan, Jane Fraser, Jeremy Oppenheim, Wilhelm Rall.
Boston, MA: Harvard Business School, 1999. First Edition. First Printing. 364, illus., notes, index.
[Book #53667]
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