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Aerospace & Defense Science, Volume 9, Number 10, October/November 1990
Idialantic, FL: Rush Franklin Publishing, 1990. 28 cm, 44, wraps, illus., some wear and soiling to covers, mailing label has been removed from front cover.
[Book #29144]
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Arms Control and Arms Race: Readings from Scientific American
New York: W.H. Freeman and Company, 1985. Trade paperback. viii, 229 p. Illustrations. Maps. Bibliography. Index.
[Book #59106]
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Government Executive, Volume 31, Number 6, June 1999
Washington, DC: Executive Publications, Inc. 1999. 28 cm, wraps, illus., mailing label removed from front cover.
[Book #29723]
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Strategic Studies Quarterly, Volume 5, Number 4, Winter 2011
Maxwell AFB, AL: Air University Press, 2011. 152, wraps, notes, sticker residue on rear cover, slight wear to DJ edges.
[Book #54352]
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Survival for All: The Alternative to Nuclear War with a Practical Plan for Total Denuclearization. A. J. Aizenstat.
New York: Billner & Rouse, c1985. 22 cm, 216, pencil erasure residue on front endpaper, publisher's review slip and press release laid in.
[Book #25987]
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Survival: The IISS Quarterly: Volume 48, Number 2, Summer 2006. Dana Allin.
London: International Institute for Strategic Studies, 2006. Wraps. 174, [2] p. Includes Notes.
[Book #64967]
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New Technologies for Security & Arms Control: Threats & Promise. Eric H. Arnett.
Washington, DC: Am Assoc/Advancement of Sci, c1989. 23 cm, 341, wraps, illus., footnotes.
[Book #23050]
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South Asia and the United States After the Cold War: A Study Mission. Asia Society.
Place_Pub: New York: Asia Society, c1994. First? Edition. First? Printing. 23 cm, 85, wraps, map, tables, appendix.
[Book #27237]
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Director's Series on Proliferation. Kathleen C. Bailey.
Livermore, CA: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 1994. Presumed first edition/first printing thus. Wraps. vi, 112, Tables. Figures. References. Bibliography.
[Book #67616]
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Director's Series on Proliferation. Kathleen C. Bailey, ed.
Place_Pub: Livermore, CA: Lawrence Livermore Nat Lab, 1995. 67, wraps, footnotes, covers somewhat worn and soiled.
[Book #52848]
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The Disposition of Civil Plutonium in the UK. Fred Barker, Mike Sadnicki.
Pinner, Middlesex, England: Fred Barker and Mike Sadnicki, 2001. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Spiral bound. [2], xxviii, 242, [2] pages. Tables. Figures. Boxes. Notes. Glossary. Clear plastic sheet (with minor soiling/discoloration) at front and back. Institutional stamp and ink notations on title page. Distribution letter, folded in half, signed by Mike Sadnicki with separate two page 'brief note on the main conclusions' laid in. This study was made possible through a grant from the Research and Writing Initiateo of the Program on Global Security and Sustainability of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The author wrote in their individual capacities but were both associated with the UK's Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM). This group provides independent scrutiny and advice to the UK governments on the long-term management of higher activity radioactive wastes.
[Book #74836]
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How to Build a Nuclear Bomb: And Other Weapons of Mass Destruction. Frank Barnaby.
New York, NY: Nation Books, 2004. First edition. First printing [stated] of U.S. Edition. Trade paperback. Glued binding. xx, 180, [8] p. Illustrations, black & white. Further Reading. Source notes. Index.
[Book #71433]
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Who Wants Disarmament? Richard J. Barnet.
Boston: Beacon Press, 1960. Presumed first edition/first printing. Hardcover. xviii, 141 p. 21 cm. Notes. Suggested Reading.
[Book #61419]
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A Free Market in Peaceful Nuclear Technology. John Barton.
n.p. CA Arms Control/For Pol Sem, 1975. Draft Edition. 35, wraps, source notes, some wear and soiling to covers.
[Book #46641]
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The Spread of Nuclear Weapons. Leonard Beaton, John Maddox.
New York: Frederick A. Praeger, for the Institute for Strategic Studies, 1962. Presumed first U.S. edition/first printing. Hardcover. xi, [1], 216 p., 23 cm. Occasional footnotes. Index.
[Book #66892]
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North Korean Military Proliferation in the Middle East and Africa; Enabling Violence and Instability. Bruce E. Bechtol, Jr.
Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 2018. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Hardcover. xii, 261, [1] pages. Map. Notes. Selected Bibliography. Index. Cover has slight wear and soiling. Pub. ephemera laid in. Bruce E. Bechtol, Jr. (Ph.D. Union Institute), ICAS Fellow, is an award winning professor of political science and a retired Marine. He was formerly on the faculty at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College (2005–2010) and the Air Command and Staff College (2003–2005). Dr. Bechtol was an intelligence officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1997 until 2003, serving as the senior analyst for Northeast Asia in the Intelligence Directorate (J2) on the Joint Staff in the Pentagon. He served as editor of the Defense Intelligence Journal from 2004 to 2005. He is the author of North Korea and Regional Security in the Kim Jong-un Era: A New International Security Dilemma, The Last Days of Kim Jong-Il: The North Korean Threat in a Changing Era, Defiant Failed State: The North Korean Threat to International Security, and Red Rogue: The Persistent Challenge of North Korea.
[Book #76777]
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Apocalypse: Nuclear Catastrophe in World Politics. Louis Rene Beres.
Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1980. First Printing. 24 cm, 315, some page discoloration, especially pp. 66-67, DJ worn, soiled, and edge tears. Foreword by Paul C. Warnke.
[Book #31951]
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Apocalypse: Nuclear Catastrophe in World Politics. Louis Rene Beres.
Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1982. First Edition. First Printing. Hardcover. 315 pages. Notes, index. Signed by the author. SIGNED.
[Book #54468]
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Terrorism and Global Security: The Nuclear Threat. Louis Rene Beres.
Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1979. Presumed First Edition/First Printing. 161 pages. Notes, index. Signed by the author. SIGNED.
[Book #54550]
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The Origins of Nunn-Lugar and Cooperative Threat Reduction; Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction Case Study 3. Paul I. Bernstein, Jason D. Wood.
Washington DC: National Defense University Press, 2010. First Printing [Stated]. Wraps. vii, [1], 16 pages. Notes. In a 1999 interview, Ashton Carter, a key figure in helping to create and implement the threat reduction program initiated by Senators Sam Nunn (D–GA) and Richard Lugar (R–IN), recalled four visits between 1994 and 1996 to an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) base in Pervomaysk, Ukraine. Planted in the soil of this base were the most powerful rockets mankind has ever made, armed with hundreds of hydrogen bombs and aimed at the United States. In turn, Pervomaysk was itself the target of similar American missiles and weapons. Under the Nunn-Lugar program, the missiles deployed at Pervomaysk by the Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces and the silos that housed them were destroyed.
[Book #73875]
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Weapons Technology and Arms Control. W. F. Biddle.
New York: Praeger, [1972]. First? Edition. First? Printing. 25 cm, 355, figures, tables, chapter notes, appendices, bibliography, some ink and pencil underlining, primarily in first third of the book.
[Book #33240]
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Weapons Technology and Arms Control. W. F. Biddle.
New York: Praeger, [1972]. First? Edition. First? Printing. 25 cm, 355, figures, tables, chapter notes, appendices, bibliography, ink date on title page, slight scuffing to boards.
[Book #42633]
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World War 3: A Military Projection Founded on Today's Facts. Shelford Bidwell, Richard Humble, eds.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, Inc. 1978. First American Edition. 208, illus., maps, bibliography, index, some wear, soiling, and sticker residue to DJ.
[Book #40748]
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Strategic Assessment 1999: Priorities for a Turbulent World. Hans Binnendijk, ed.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1999. 314, wraps, illus. (some in color), maps.
[Book #49890]
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The New Russia in the New Asia. Stephen Blank.
[Carlisle Barracks, PA]: U.S. Army War College, 1994. First? Edition. First? Printing. 23 cm, 36, wraps, endnotes, references, covers somewhat worn and soiled, pencil erasure on title page.
[Book #36812]
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