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Antiaircraft Defense: The subject matter in this volume is not, in all instances, based on current official military pubs.
Harrisburg, PA: Military Service Publishing, 1940. First Edition. 603, illus., tables, charts, appendix, index, fr bd weak, pgs sl darkened, bds scuffed, some wear to edges of spine & boards.
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Tactics and Technique of Infantry, Advanced, 12th Edition: A Text and Reference Book of Infantry Training
Harrisburg, PA: Military Service Publishing, 1942. Twelfth Edition. 1566, illus., figures, maps (some color fold-out), tables, index, appendices, rear board weak, boards somewhat scuffed.
[Book #43606]
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Army General Staff College Conferences and Lectures and Map Problems. Army General Staff College Allied Expeditionary Force.
n.p. Army General Staff College, 1918. 8.5" x 13.5", approx. 1000, 6-vol. set, a collection of mimeographed copies and some carbon copies bound together, some foxing to text, some pages browned.
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Instructions for the Offensive Combat of Small Units. "Confidential," No. 160. General Headquarters American Expeditionary Forces.
France: AEF, 1918. 39, wraps, footnotes, covers soiled, worn, and creased, some darkening and creasing to text.
[Book #43681]
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Antietam Staff Ride; Briefing Book. Billy Arthur, Ballard Tom, Compiler.
Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, DC: U. S. Army Center of Military History, 2003. Presumed First Edition, First printing thus. Wraps. iii [printed on one side only], 75 [printed on both sides], [7] pages. Chronology of Events. Illustrations. Maps. Selected Biographic Sketches of Union and Confederate Leaders. Cover has slight wear and soiling. Sticker residue on back cover. The Center of Military History accurately collects, preserves, interprets, and expresses the Army's history and material culture to more broadly educate and develop our force, the military profession, and the nation. It accomplish this mission through its primary lines of effort, which entail managing the Army's field history program; developing a cohesive Army museum program; providing historical support to Army leadership; creating and administering a historical knowledge management system; and researching, presenting, and preserving the Army's history and heritage. Its work with Army schools ensures that the study of history is an important part of the training of officers and noncommissioned officers. Its support the use of history to foster unit pride and to give soldiers an understanding of the Army's past, with much of this educational work occurring at field historical offices and in Army museums.
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The War of Positions. Paul Azan, trans. at Harvard University.
Place_Pub: Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1917. 190, footnotes, glossary, slight darkening to text, some wear and soiling to boards and spine.
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Manual for the Use of Troops in Aid of the Civil Authority. Louis L. Babcock.
New York: George H. Doran Company, 1918. 101, some soiling inside boards and flyleaves, DJ worn, scratched, and stained: small edge tears/chips.
[Book #49464]
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Fire in the Sky; The Air War in the South Pacific. Eric M. Bergerud.
Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2000. First Printing [Stated]. Hardcover. xxviii, 723, [1] pages. List of Maps. Important Military Terms, Acronyms, and Place-names. Maps. Chronology of Events. Author's Note on Technical Information. Notes. Sources and Bibliography. Index. Ink notation on fep. Minor ding to top boards. Professor Bergerud's specialization has been the study of war and peace in the 20th century, particularly regarding the United States and Asia.
[Book #75163]
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Technique of Modern Tactics: A Study of Troop Leading Methods in the Operations of Detachments of All Arms. P. S. Bond, M. J. McDonough.
Menasha, WI: George Banta Publishing, 1916. Third, Revised Edition. 440, illus., fold-out maps, glossary, index, biblio, usual library markings, bds quite weak, discoloration inside bds & flyleaves.
[Book #43607]
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Technique of Modern Tactics: A Study of Troop Leading Methods in the Operations of Detachments of All Arms. P. S. Bond, M. J. McDonough.
Menasha, WI: George Banta Publishing, 1913. First Edition. Hardcover. 344 pages. Illus., fold-out maps, rear flyleaf torn out, some weakness to rear board, boards spotted and edges worn.
[Book #56888]
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The Harmon Memorial Lectures in Military History, 1959-1987. Harry R. Borowski, ed.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1988. 24 cm, 608, illus., maps, tables, charts, chapter notes, appendix, index, some wear and small chips to DJ edges.
[Book #54751]
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Armies and Enemies of Ancient Egypt and Assyria 3200 B.C. to 612 B. C.; Egyptian, Nubian, Asiatic, Libyan, Hittite, Sea People, Assyrian, Aramean (Syrian), Hebrew, Urartian, Median, Elamite, Babylonian, Scythian. Alan Buttery.
Goring-by-Sea, Sussex, England: Wargames Research Group, 1975. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Trade paperback. 83, [1] pages. 118 illustrations. Format is approximately 8.25 inches by 10.5 inches. This has two sections. The first is on The Egyptian and their Enemies and the second is on The Assyrians and their enemies. The contents include major battles of the periods, tactics, organization and formations, compositions of armies, and dress and arms including illustrations. The Wargames Research Group (WRG) is a British publisher of rules and reference material for miniature wargaming. Founded in 1969 they were the premier publisher of tabletop rules during the seventies and eighties, publishing rules for periods ranging from ancient times to modern armored warfare, and reference books which are still considered standard works for amateur researchers and wargamers. They are best known for their seminal ancient and medieval period rules, and also for De Bellis Antiquitatis and Hordes of the Things fantasy rules. The reference works published by WRG are accurate enough to be cited in scholarly texts.
[Book #75174]
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Notes on Military Science and the Art of War. Joseph M. Califf.
Washington, DC: James J. Chapman, 1891. Second Edition. 180, illus., maps, pencil notes to text, damp stains (no pgs stuck), bds weak, tears ins hinges, ink & pencil notes ins fr bd & flylf.
[Book #9971]
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The Pictorial History of Air Warfare. Christopher Chant.
[London]: Octopus Books, [1979]. First Printing. 33 cm, 192, illus. (most in color), some wear to edges, small tears at DJ edges and corners. Foreword by Lt. -Gen. Ira Eaker (ret. ).
[Book #20361]
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Army Information Digest, Volume 16, Number 8, August 1961; A Special Issue Commemorating the Centennial of the U.S. Army in the Civil War 1861-1865. Robert J. Coakley.
Washington DC: United States Department of the Army, 1961. Presumed First Edition, First printing thus. Wraps. This is the Official Magazine of the Department of the Army. 128 pages. Illustrations (color on the covers). Maps. Occasional footnotes. Cover has some wear and soiling. Cover has some creasing. Some page corner curling. The mission of Army Information Digest was to keep personnel of the Army aware of trends and developments of professional concerns. The Digest was published under the supervision of the Army Chief of Information to provide timely and authoritative information on policies, plans, operations, and technical developments of the Department of the Army to the Active Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve. It also served as a vehicle for timely expression of the views of the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff and assisted in the achievement of information objectives of the Army.
[Book #73320]
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192d Field Artillery, Training Memorandum No. 5: The Tactical Employment of the Battalion. Office of the Senior Instructor of Field Artillery Connecticut National Guard.
New London, CT: Connecticut National Guard, 1923. 23, wraps, figures, covers somewhat spotted and stained, top corner front cover bent.
[Book #47598]
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A Concise System of Instructions and Regulations for the Militia and Volunteers of the United States. Samuel Cooper, Alexander Macomb.
Philadelphia, PA: Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. 1852. New Edition. 18 cm, 303, illus., music, heavily foxed, corners worn. New edition with additions and improvements.
[Book #21362]
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The British Army. Charles Wentworth Dilke.
London: Chapman & Hall, 1888. First? Edition. First? Printing. 414, boards discolored and stained, front board weak.
[Book #20868]
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Busting the Bocage: American Combined Arms Operations in France, 6 June-31 July 1944. Michael D. Doubler, Michael Dale.
Fort Leavenworth, KS: U.S. Army Command, 1988. First? Edition. First? Printing. 23 cm, 75, wraps, slight wear and soiling to covers.
[Book #32205]
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The Evolution of US Army Tactical Doctrine, 1946-76. Leavenworth Papers, Number 1, August 1979. Robert A. Doughty.
Place_Pub: Fort Leavenworth, KS: U.S. Army Command, 1979. First? Edition. First? Printing. 25 cm, 57, wraps, slight wear and soiling to covers. Premier issue of the prestigious Leavenworth Papers series.
[Book #32154]
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The Nature of Modern Warfare. Cyril Falls.
Place_Pub: London: Methuen & Co., Ltd. 1941. First Edition. 101, DJ soiled, discolored, and worn: small edge tears/chips.
[Book #52104]
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Tactical Employment of Field Artillery: Field Artillery Book 224 (The Equivalent of Special Text No. 98), 1934 Edition. Field Artillery School.
Fort Sill, OK: Field Artillery School, 1934. 322, wraps, tables, figures and charts (some fold-out), name stamped ins fr cover, covers somewhat worn, small stain on rear cover.
[Book #43621]
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The Principles of War. Ferdinand Foch, trans. by J. de Morinni.
New York: The H. K. Fly Company, 1918. 372, frontis illus., some stains & foxing to text, stains & scratches to fore-edge, rear bd weak, bds scuffed & stained.
[Book #16234]
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The Art of Modern Warfare. Hermann Foertsch, Theodore W. Knauth.
New York: Veritas press, 1940. Presumed first edition/first printing. Hardcover. 3 p. L., ix-xi p., 5 L., [3]-273, [3] p. illus. (plans) 22 cm.
[Book #71686]
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German Squad Tactics in WWII. Matthew Gajkowski.
Pisgah, OH: Nafziger Collection, Inc. 1995. First Edition. Quarto, 106, wraps, figures, glossary, bibliography, appendices.
[Book #50401]
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