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Abstract of Infantry Tactics, Including Exercises & Manoeuvres of Light-Infantry and Riflemen, for the Use of the Militia of US
Boston, MA: Hilliard Gray Little Wilkens, 1830. 138, full leather binding, illus., diagrams, fold-out, music, boards somewhat bowed, book seller's stamp, ink number on rear endpaper.
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Naval Regulations Issued by Command of the President of the United States of America. January 25, 1802
Annopolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1970. New, facsimile issue of 1802 ed. Hardcover. 48 p.
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Ordonnance du Roi sur l'Exercice et les Manouevres de L'Infanterie, Du 4 Mars 1831. Premiere Partie
Paris: Anselin, 1831. 266 total, illus., 14 folding plates, 24 pages of music, boards worn and soiled, somewhat shaken, spine gone.
[Book #46393]
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Ordonnance du Roi sur l'Exercise et les Manoeuvres de l'Infanterie, du 4 Mars 1831. IIIe Partie: Evolutions de Ligne
Paris: Anselin, 1831. Pocket-size, 307, vol. 3 only, many fold-out plans, text foxed & soiled, bds quite soiled & worn, binding at spine missing.
[Book #4797]
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Ordonnance sur l'Exercice et les Evolutions de la Cavalerie. Du 6 Decembre 1829. 3ieme Partie. Evolutions de Regiment--de Ligne
Paris: Chez Anselin, 1831. 196, v.3 only, illus, folding plates, music, Plates No. 101-130 (107 separate but present), Music No. 6, 7, and 15, bds worn/soiled.
[Book #46392]
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The Soldier's Catechism. Frank Crandall Bolles, Edgar Clyde, Jones, John S. Upham.
Madison Barracks, NY: Bolles and Upham, 1915. 177, wraps (stiff covers), illus., covers somewhat soiled.
[Book #24440]
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Military Railways. Professional Papers, No. 32, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army. William D. Connor.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1917. Revised Edition. Hardcover. 192 pages. Illustrations (some color). Tables. Index. War Department Document 529. Illustrations (Tables and Figures (some color). Stamp of former owner inside front cover. This revision established the state of practice and state of knowledge at the time of the entry of the United States into the First World War. The military use of railways derives from their ability to move troops or materiel rapidly and, less usually, on their use as a platform for military systems, like armored trains, in their own right. Railways have been employed for military purposes since the Crimean War in the 1850s, although improvements in other forms of transport have rendered railways less important to the military since the end of World War II and the Cold War, although they are still employed for the transport of armored vehicles to and from exercises or the mass transport of vehicles to a theater of operations. Due to the expense and time required to build specifically military railway networks, military use of railways is usually based on a pre-existing civilian railway network rather than a military-owned one. However, specialized military types of rolling stock have frequently been used. Military railway are usually built and operated by railway troops.
[Book #73026]
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A Concise System of Instructions and Regulations for the Militia and Volunteers of the United States. Samuel Cooper, Alexander Macomb.
Philadelphia, PA: Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. 1852. New Edition. 18 cm, 303, illus., music, heavily foxed, corners worn. New edition with additions and improvements.
[Book #21362]
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The United States Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Survival Manual. Dick Couch, comp. and ed.
Place_Pub: New York: Basic Books, 2003. First Printing. 242, wraps, illus., references, index, usual library markings, covers somewhat worn and soiled, some edge soiling Subtitled: Everything you need to know to protect yourself and your family from the growing terrorist threat.
[Book #53008]
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L'Ingenieur de Campagne, ou Traite de la Fortification Passagere. M. le Chevalier de Clairac.
Paris: Charles-Antoine Jombert, 1757. Second Edition. 248, illus., fold-out plans, name pasted on title page, small stains on a few pages, marbled endpapers somewhat faded.
[Book #11409]
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Selected Papers of General William E. DePuy: First Commander, U.S. Army, Training and Doctrine Command, 1 July 1973. William E. DePuy, comp. by Richard M. Swain, Donald L. Gilmore, Carolyn D. Conway.
Fort Leavenworth, KS: U.S. Army Command, 1994. First? Edition. First? Printing. 25 cm, 469, wraps, illus., maps.
[Book #46435]
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Handy Manual for Organization of New Infantry Companies: Training Memorandum No. 9. M. O. French, comp.
San Antonio, TX: Fort Sam Houston, 1917. Reprint Edition. 71 pages. Wraps, index. Name of previous owner present. Covers somewhat worn and soiled.
[Book #46143]
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Kak Ustraivat' i Preodolevat' Provolochnye Prepiatstviya [How to Create & Overcome Barbed Wire Obstacles--trans Russian title]. S. Gerbanovskiy.
Moscow: Voenizdat, 1939. 80, profusely illus., few library markings, text darkened and small stains in margins, rebound in hard cover library binding.
[Book #51670]
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The U-Boat Commander's Handbook. High Command of the Navy Germany.
Gettysburg, PA: Thomas Publications, 1989. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Trade paperback. 115, [3] pages. Illustrations. This is a translation of The Submarine Commander's Handbook ("U.Kdt.Hdb.") Incorporated in the Secret Archives under Heading IV, No. 4, Command 32, Submarine Flotilla, New Edition 1943 (comprising Amendments Nos. 1-11). The Submarine Commander's Handbook, ("U.Kdt.Hdb."), 1943 describes the submarine U-boat tactics of Nazi Germany. Note that this edition is from 1943 during which the Allies had effectively countered these tactics and the battle of the Atlantic turned in the Allies favor.
[Book #76857]
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Deciding What Has to Be Done: General William E. DePuy and the 1976 Edition of FM 100--5, Operations. Leavenworth Paper 16. Paul H. Herbert, Paul Hardy.
Place_Pub: Fort Leavenworth, KS: U.S. Army Command, [1988]. First? Edition. First? Printing. 25 cm, 131, wraps, illus., notes, bibliography, slight wear and soiling to covers, marker name on front cover.
[Book #53405]
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What to do Aboard the Transport: "Science from Shipboard." A Simple Manual of Information and Instruction. Infantry Journal.
Washington, DC: Infantry Journal, 1943. Pocket paperbk, 268, wraps, illus., diagrams, maps, index, covers somewhat worn and soiled.
[Book #46133]
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Ledianye Perepravy [Bridging Rivers with Ice--translation of Russian title]. P. I. Lebedev.
Moscow: Voenizdat, 1940. 25, figures, tables, usual library markings, text quite darkened, rebound in library binding, some soiling/wear to bds/spine.
[Book #51682]
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Manual for Instruction in Military Maps and Aerial Photographs. Norman F. Maclean, Everett C. Olson.
Place_Pub: New York: Harper & Brothers, 1943. First? Edition. First? Printing. 138, illus., 5 folding plates at rear, synoptic outline, index, some discoloration at rear endpaper, boards somewhat worn and soiled.
[Book #52367]
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Military Medical Manual. Military Surgeon.
Harrisburg, PA: Military Service Publishing, [c1940]. Fourth Edition. Second Printing. 77, illus. (incl. 1 color fold-out), 1 folding map, plans, tables, forms, diagrams., corners bumped.
[Book #39260]
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Manual of Military Training. James A. Moss.
Menasha, WI: George Banta Publishing Co. 1914. First Edition. 699, illus., tables, index, bds quite weak, title pg sep, ink & pencil notes ins fr flylf, bds & sp worn & creased & edges worn.
[Book #5422]
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Manual of Military Training. James A. Moss.
Menasha, WI: George Banta Publishing Co. 1916. First Edition. Fourth Printing. 699, illus., 3 folded maps in pocket at rear, tables, index, edges of boards and spine worn (top edge of spine quite worn).
[Book #43602]
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Officers' Manual. Third Edition (Revised and Enlarged). James A. Moss.
Fort Leavenworth, KS: U.S. Cavalry Association, 1909. Third Edition. 421, illus., index, rough spot inside front board, boards scuffed, some wear to edges of spine, inscribed by the author.
[Book #5421]
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Manual of Military Training, Vol II: Covering R.O.T.C. Advanced Course (Infantry); Blue Course, C.M.T.C., & Additional Matter. James A. Moss, John W. Lang.
Menasha, WI: George Banta Publishing Co. 1925. Fifth Edition. Second Printing. Approx. 1200, v.2 only, illus., maps, figures, index, spine faded, stray pencil marks on fr bd, ink name ins fr bd, discolor ins hinges.
[Book #43603]
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School of Assassins: The Case for Closing the School of the Americas and for Fundamentally Changing U.S. Foreign Policy. Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer.
Place_Pub: Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 1997. Third Printing. 112, wraps, notes, slight wear, sticker residue, and soiling to covers.
[Book #53183]
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The Joint and Combined Staff Officer's Manual. Jack D. Nicholas.
Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole Company, [1959]. First Edition. First? Printing. 23 cm, 272, illus., minor wear and soiling to boards. Snapshot of the Cold War after the Korean War and in the early Vietnam War era.
[Book #28314]
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