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Basic Aerospace Doctrine of the United States Air Force; Air Force Manual 1-1, Volume II
Washington DC: u. S. Government Printing Office, 1992. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Wraps. Volume II ONLY. xv, [1], 308 pages. Glossary. Boxes. Figure. Volume II consists of an overview followed by essays supporting the basic doctrinal statements found in Volume I. A glossary and appendices are also included. The purpose of the essays is threefold. First, each essay explains the basic doctrinal statement(s) it supports to ensure clarity. Second, each essay expands upon the supported doctrinal statement to discuss related concepts, problems, examples, exceptions, and other matters that are important for full understanding. Third, essays provide evidence in support of the doctrinal statements in the form of extensive and often expansive documentation in their endnotes. The appendices and glossary are important features of this volume. The glossary provides definitions for the terms used in this manual.
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Implementing the New Triad; Nuclear & Non-Nuclear Forces in Twenty-First-Century Deterrence. Final Report 36th IFPA-Fletcher Conference
2006: The Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, Cambridge, MA. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Trade paperback. xxvi, [2], 96 pages. Illustrations. Footnotes. Rear cover 'dinged' at bottom. This conference was organized by The Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis (IFPA) and the International Security Studies Programs of The Fletcher School, Tufts University. This conference offered a unique and timely forum on post-9/11 security challenges, this report was published which summarized and synthesizes conference presentations and discussions in offer to give broader dissemination to the proceedings. This report, together with transcripts from the presentations and other related information are also available on an IFPA website.
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Preventing World War III: A Realistic Grand Strategy. David M. Abshire.
New York: Harper & Row, c1988. First Edition. First Printing. 25 cm, 331, notes, index.
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Preventing World War III: A Realistic Grand Strategy. David M. Abshire.
New York: Harper & Row, c1988. First Edition. First Printing. 25 cm, 331, black marks and pencil erasure on front endpaper, erasure on title page.
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Preventing World War III: A Realistic Grand Strategy. David M. Abshire.
New York: Harper & Row, c1988. First Edition. First Printing. 25 cm, 331, notes, index. Inscribed by the author ("Dave Abshire"). INSCRIBED.
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Silver Bullet?; Asking the Right Questions About Conventional Prompt Global Strike. James M. Acton.
Washington DC: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2013. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Trade paperback. xv, [1], 197, [3] pages. Tables. Figures. Appendix A, B, and C. Notes. Front cover creased. James Acton holds the Jessica T. Mathews Chair and is co-director of the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. A physicist by training, Acton’s current research focuses on the escalation risks of advanced conventional weapons. Acton’s publications span the field of nuclear policy. They include the Carnegie report, Wagging the Plutonium Dog: Japanese Domestic Politics and its International Security Implications, and two Adelphi books, Deterrence During Disarmament: Deep Nuclear Reductions and International Security and Abolishing Nuclear Weapons (with George Perkovich). An expert on hypersonic conventional weapons and the author of the Carnegie report, Silver Bullet? Asking the Right Questions About Conventional Prompt Global Strike.
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Ballistic Missile Defense. Benson D. Adams.
New York, NY: American Elsevier Publishing Company, Inc. 1971. Presumed first edition/first printing. Hardcover. xii, [2], 274 p. Illustrations. References. Footnotes. Bibliography. Index.
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Responding to War, Terrorism, and WMD Proliferation:; History of DTRA, 1998-2008. Bianka J. Adams, Joseph P. Harahan.
Fort Belvoir, VA: U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, 2008. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Wraps. vi, 153, [1] pages. Illustrations (color). DTRA References. Chronology. Endnotes. Glossary. This is stated as part of the DTRA History Series. Cover has minor wear and soiling. The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is an agency within the United States Department of Defense and is the official Combat Support Agency for countering weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high explosives). DTRA's main functions are threat reduction, threat control, combat support, and technology development. The agency is headquartered in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. DTRA (and its co-located partner organizations the SCC-WMD and SJFHQ-E) employ approximately 2,000 civilians and uniformed service members at more than a dozen permanent locations around the world. The majority of personnel are at DTRA headquarters on Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Approximately 15% of the workforce is located on Kirtland Air Force Base and the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, and the Nevada National Security Site (formerly called the Nevada Test Site), where they do testing and support the U.S. military's nuclear mission. Another 15% of the workforce are stationed in Germany, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kenya, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. DTRA also has liaisons with all of the U.S. military’s Combatant Commands, the National Guard Bureau, the FBI and other U.S. government interagency partners.
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On Guard for Victory: Military Doctrine and Ballistic Missile Defense in the USSR. Steven P. Adragna.
Washington, DC: Pergamon-Brassey's Intern'l, 1987. First Printing. 23 cm, 93, wraps, illus., footnotes.
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Air Force and Space Digest, Volume 53, Number 3, March 1970. Air Force Association.
Washington, DC: Air Force Association, 1970. 28 cm, 70, wraps, illus., text darkened, pencil and ink notations on front cover, mailing label on front cover, some foxing to covers.
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The Counterforce Syndrome: A Guide to U.S. Nuclear Weapons and Strategic Doctrine. Robert C. Aldridge.
Washington, DC: Institute for Policy Studies, 1982. Second Edition [stated]. Third Printing [stated]. Trade paperback. xi, [1], 85, [11] pages. Wraps. Occasional footnotes. Illustrations. Notes. Glossary. IPS Publications. The author was a World War II veteran (25th Division artillery serving in the Pacific Theater). After the war he studies aeronautical engineering and then worked for Lockheed. He helped design three generations of the Polaris submarine-launched ballistic missile and worked on the beginning of the Trident program. He became interested in arms control policy, weapons technology, and issues associated with first strike capabilities.
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Nuclear Empire. Robert C. Aldridge.
Vancouver, Canada: New Star Books, 1989. First Printing. 23 cm, 160, wraps, illus., footnotes, references, glossary, index, sticker residue at bottom of spine.
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The Impact of New Military Technology. Jonathan Alford.
Montclair, NJ: Int'l Inst/Strategic Studies, c1981. 23 cm, 132, footnotes.
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Terrorism: Pragmatic International Deterrence and Cooperation; Occasional Paper Series 19. Richard Allan.
New York: Institute for East-West Security Studies, 1990. Presumed First Edition/First Printing. Wraps. vii, [1], 71, [1] pages. Footnotes. Selected Definitions. Bibliography. Distributed by Westview Press, Frederick A. Prager Publisher, Boulder, Colorado. Cover has slight wear and soiling. Richard Allan’s scholarly work focuses on the legal and pragmatic issues of international terrorism. He is the author of numerous law review articles and several books addressing international and family law issues. He has chaired and co-chaired conferences and presented papers extensively in Europe and the United States on a wide range of topics related to international terrorism, violence, and civil rights. He has served as a governmental advisor on issues of international terrorism and is the Distinguished Scholar at the Center for Security and Counter-Terrorism Policy, and Senior Consultant at the East-West Institute, a think tank whose focus is Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He is also on the editorial board of Crime & Justice International. Before joining the faculty in 1973, Professor Allan was in private practice. He also served as a prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and as a producer/director with CBS television.
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China's Air Force Enters the 21st Century. Kenneth W. Allen, Glenn, Krumel, Jonathan D. Pollack.
Santa Monica, CA: Rand, 1995. First? Edition. First? Printing. 23 cm, 249, wraps, illus., maps, references, some wear and soiling to covers, pencil erasure on title page.
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Hawks, Doves, and Owls: An Agenda for Avoiding Nuclear War. Graham T. Allison, Albert, Carnesale, Joseph S. Nye.
New York: Norton, c1985. First Edition. First Printing. 22 cm, 282, index, biblio, glossary, gift inscription (not from author) and pencil erasure on front endpaper, corner of several pages turned.
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Daedalus: Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Volume 109, Number 4, Fall 1980. American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Boston, MA: Am Academy of Arts & Science, 1980. 26 cm, 190, wraps, references, index, some soiling to covers Issue on U.S. Defense Policy in the 1980s.
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National Defense: Journal of the American Defense Preparedness Association, Volume LXX, Number 412, November 1985. American Defense Preparedness Association.
Arlington, VA: Am Defense Preparedness Assn, 1985. 29 cm, 104, wraps, illus., label messily removed from front cover.
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A Strategy for Peace Through Strength. Strategy Board American Security Council Foundation for Coalition for Peace Through Strength.
Boston, VA: American Security Council, 1984. First? Edition. First? Printing. 18 cm, 204, wraps, ink underlining on p. 204, covers somewhat worn and soiled.
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Defence and the English-Speaking Role. Norman Angell.
London: Pall Mall Press, 1958. First? Edition. First? Printing. Hardcover. 23 cm, 116 pages, DJ worn, torn, and soiled, pencil erasure on front endpaper. The author won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1933.
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Implications of the Start II Treaty for US-Russian Relations; Report No. 9. Alexei Arbatov.
The Henry L. Stimson Center, 1993. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Wraps. [2], xvii, [1], 80 pages. Institutional stamp and date in ink on back of title page. Format is approximately 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Tape binding. Small tear on front cover. List of Tables. List of Abbreviations. Dr. Alexei Georgievich Arbatov, Ph.D. (born January 17, 1951) is a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Head of the Center for International Security at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), and a scholar in residence at the Carnegie Moscow Center. He is a Russian political scientist, academic, author, and former politician. Born in Russia, Arbatov graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), and completed graduate and post-graduate studies at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) and MGIMO. He has spent nearly 40 years in the academic and scientific communities, and also served for over a decade in Russia's parliament. He is one of Russia's foremost experts in the fields of international relations, foreign and military policy, international security, and arms control and disarmament.
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Star Wars Quotes. Arms Control Association.
Washington, DC: Arms Control Association, c1986. 23 cm, 120, wraps, several pages appear to have been glued back in, text is complete.
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Limiting Sea-Launched Cruise Missiles. Eric Arnett.
Washington, DC: AAAS, 1989. First? Edition. First? Printing. 16, wraps, reading list, some wear and staining, especially to bottom edge and side of all pages.
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Nuclear Weapons After the Comprehensive Test Ban: Implications for Modernization and Proliferation. Eric Arnett.
Solna, Sweden; Oxford, England, United Kingdom: SIPRI; Oxford University Press, 1996. Presumed first edition/first printing. Hardcover. x, 150 pages. Footnotes. Tables. Index.
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Peace and War: A Theory of International Relations. Raymond Aron, Richard Howard, Annette Baker Fox.
Garden City, N.Y. Doubleday, 1966. First edition. Stated. Presumed first printing. Hardcover. xviii, 820 p. 24 cm. Footnotes. Index.
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